One of the few constants among automotive enthusiasts is the desire to make our cars reflect our individual personalities, and there are many ways to do this. For example, a fresh set of wheels, a louder exhaust, unique body panels, or even a few coats of custom paint can be used to achieve varying degrees of differentiated style, but when it comes down to making your car stand out, stripes are a great option.

A set of custom stripes and graphics, by their very nature, give your car an individualized appearance that will be difficult for anyone else to duplicate.

While some cars have plenty of vinyl stripe packages available from suppliers such as Classic Industries (, the best way to make sure your design is one-of-a-kind is to have custom stripes painted. Camaro Performers recently produced a tech article containing a great write-up on how they went about having custom stripes painted on their fourth generation Camaro project, dubbed “Black Betty.”

“Paint isn’t cheap, so using an artist is a great idea if you want to get it right the first time.” -Camaro Performers

Check out the tech article by following the link to the Camaro Performers website.