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Articles posted by News Desk

1955 Chevy Model Identification

The 1955 Chevy’s legacy as an automotive icon is unique, in that it…

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Mopar E-Body Model Identification

In 1970 the Pony Car War reached a flashpoint with the introduction of the Dodge Challenger and the redesign of the Plymouth Barracuda…

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Mopar B-Body Model Identification

Mopar’s midsize sedans from 1963-76 were powerful and sleek. Whether on the dragstrip or on an empty stretch of the road….

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Mopar A-Body Model Identification

Dodge and Plymouth’s A-Body platform represented the compact segment between 1960 and 1976.

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Original Equipment Reproduction

What car restorer hobbyist hasn’t stopped and thought, “Boy, sure wish I had a time machine.”  Well, if you’re passionate about classic GM muscle cars, that time machine does indeed exist:  It’s called Original Equipment Reproduction

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